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Model Number Question & Answer
IP9844 Q: Why is my IP9844 not playing the iPod Video?
Go to the main menu of your iPod player, select "Videos" and press enter. In the resulting window, select "Video Settings" and press enter. In settings, ensure that "TV Out" setting is set to "On". In this condition, the iPod screen will not play the video but you can enjoy the video on the much bigger screen of IP9844. You can do these settings even while your iPod is docked on to IP9844 by using remote control. If the "Video In/Out" terminal of the IP9844 is connected to another TV, you can enjoy the video on that TV too.
IP1002UK Q: How do I view the video files of my iPod on a TV using my IP1002?
To view the video files of the iPod on an external TV, go to “Video Settings” in the Video menu of the iPod. Set 'TV Out' to ON and 'TV Signal' to NTSC. Press Menu button to go back to Video menu screen and select the type of video file you wish to play. You may do these settings even while the iPod is docked on IP1002 by using remote control.
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